Philadelphia's Largest Shelter Makes Urgent Plea After Reaching Capacity

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The Animal Care and Control team of Philadelphia handles nearly 18,000 in-need animals annually and now they are absolutely filled to the brim with adoptable cats and dogs.

So much so that animals are being housed in kennels far too small for them and in office and supply areas. The shelter even waived adoption fees for large dogs over the weekend to help with overcrowding.

The news report explains that there are over 200 dogs and cats in need of homes currently at the shelter. "We have cats and dogs in offices. We’re putting 45-pound dogs in cages meant for 30 pound dogs," ACCT Philly Executive Director, Sarah Barnett, stated.

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Not only was the shelter waiving adoption fees for large dogs, they were all vaccinated, microchipped and spayed and neutered. They were also providing two months of free food. I'm sure that there are plenty more adoptable cats and dogs left at the shelter so if you are in the area and wanting to add a forever friend to your family now seems like a good time.

With so many companion animals entering shelters every year, and especially with kitten season in full swing, it's so important to have your own pet spayed or neutered. It's one of the best ways you can help reduce shelter overcrowding and healthy pets being euthanized.

Here's hoping that people show up to help the amazing people at ACCT Philadelphia and give these wonderful cats and dogs a loving forever home with all of the care and affection they deserve.

Ways You Can Help Shelter Pets in Need

Your local Humane Society or animal shelter welcomes volunteers in so many different capacities. If you like to walk or run, you can volunteer to run or walk a dog. Shelters usually need donations in the forms of laundry detergent, towels, cat litter, and pet foods. You can offer to help clean, shovel driveways or mop out kennels.

Some shelters need volunteers to help bottle feed abandoned kittens, especially during kitten season. Elderly and senior pets would benefit from a shelter break with a visit to someone's home. Some shelters even have programs where kids can read to dogs, and that benefits the dogs by having them spend time with a human and the kids by helping them work on their reading skills.

And, of course, every shelter can do with a monetary donation.

If you are in the Philly area and want to help ACCT with either a donation, volunteering or adopting an animal in need, please visit their website here.

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