Pet Duck Can’t Get Enough of Dad ‘Throwing’ Him Into the Pool


When we think pets, most of us usually think about dogs and cats...but what about a pet duck? LAD Bible shared a video on their Facebook page on May 20th, and it's the cutest thing you'll see today. It shows a man "throwing" his pet duck into the pool, and I don't know which of them is having more fun!

The video is about 15 seconds long, and it's all just too cute. It starts with someone in the house looking outside and seeing their dad standing on the side of the pool as his pet duck is making his way out of it. The duck waddles quickly over to dad, as if saying "Again! Do it again!" Dad picks the duck up and tosses him in the air above the pool. It's such a fun thing to watch!

This is just too cute! Now I want a pet duck (and a pool) so I can do this, too! People left nearly 7 thousand comments after watching LAD Bible's adorable video. @Shane Nuss got more than 2 thousand likes for his comment, "The duck waddles up to him and turns around like "Send me brother"! LOL!" @Laurie Cain added, "That duck goes through that water so quickly to get back so he can go airborne again!!" @Edward Stevens shared, "I would never think you could play with ducks, but they were really friendly at the lake house."

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Facts About Khaki Campbell Ducks

One commenter shared, "Khaki Campbells are smart and they love attention." I'd never heard of these ducks before and wanted to learn more about them. Turns out that Khakis are friendly and easy to care for. They also enjoy being around people and will connect with humans if you interact with them as ducklings. They make great pets! Another Pet Helpful article shared, "While plainer than other breeds of duck on this list, don't let their drab colors fool you; the Khaki Campbell is just as charming and useful as other ducks." Khakis are feathered in muted browns, with khaki-colored legs, and that's where their name came from.

If you're looking for a pet duck that will lay a lot of eggs, these ducks are a good choice. They can lay up to 300 eggs a year, making them one of the best breeds to choose from for egg production. Khakis have been described as nervous and flighty but are considered good sitters once they lay eggs. They're often referred to as a multi-purpose type of duck since they can be raised successfully for their delicious and moist meat.

Some ducks don't do well in the cold, but Khakis do. These ducks can thrive in cold climates where the temperature dips below zero for even weeks at a time. This is because ducks don't mind the cold, ice, or snow at all because they have no nerves or blood vessels in their feet, which helps them to prevent heat loss. They literally do not feel the cold! What a cool fact!

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