Pest controller makes terrifying find in customer's ceiling during call-out

An unwitting pest controller has made a terrifying discovery in the roof of a Queensland garden centre during what he thought was a routine inspection.

Scott Davies, the owner of Amalgamated Pest Control Innisfail, was making his annual visit to Yvonne Cunningham’s business, 90km south of Cairns, when he stumbled across the remnants of a secret inhabitant of over 40 years.

Innisfail pest controller finds giant snake skin in roof
Mr Davies found Monty’s giant snake skin inside the roof of the garden centre. Source: Facebook/ Amalgamated Pest Control Innisfail

Ms Cunningham told The Cairns Post she’d introduced Monty, an amethystine python she’d found in her chicken coop, into the ceiling of her home four decades ago to tackle a rat problem that was leaving the wires in the nursery chewed up.

While it instantly fixed her rodent issue, Ms Cunningham failed to tell Mr Davies about her slithery companion last week, or even her husband at the time of Monty’s introduction.

Innisfail pest controller finds giant snake skin in roof
Mr Davies laid out the massive six-metre skin alongside his ute. Source: Facebook/ Amalgamated Pest Control Innisfail

“My husband was an Irishman. I don’t know if you know any Irish, but they don’t like snakes at all,” she told The Cairns Post.

Mr Davies was crawling on his stomach in the attic when he came across a six-metre snake skin left behind by Monty.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Mr Davies said.

After his initial shock, he managed to bring the skin down, before posting impressive images of his find online.

“Good thing the snake didn’t come back to reclaim its skin,” Mr Davies’ company wrote on Facebook.


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And the online community was as equally horrified with Mr Davies’ discovery.

“Time to move,” one user bluntly wrote.

Ms Cunningham revealed Monty isn’t the only snake hiding under her roof.

Monica joined him 10 years after his arrival and the pair have since mated for life, producing multiple offspring.

She revealed she’s found several of Monty’s skins before and uses them to measure his growth.