People Have So Many Questions After Seeing Farm’s ‘Goat Zipline'

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You ever see something that was just so right, but oh so wrong? Well that's exactly how people feel after seeing the "goat zipline" at the Charleston Adventure Forest in Awendaw, South Carolina. The *ahem* unique contraption really had people perplexed all over the internet. How on earth did they come up with this?

It's not that the zipline doesn't work, but it certainly begs the question of why we haven't been using a zipline for our barn animals all this time.

Charleston Adventure Forest boasts two really unusual features; a sprawling zipline experience and a petting zoo. We guess that someone over there must have gotten the two mixed up. In a clip the organization shared recently, it shows one of their goats zooming down the zipline in what appeared to be a special harness. The goat doesn't seem to be in distress or hurt in any way, but it's still pretty interesting to look at.

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"Goat things," the video's caption jokes.

But people online were so confused on how the goat zipline came to be. "I have so many questions and no idea where to start," wrote one commenter. "So do they like have fun on the zipline tho?" another commenter wondered. "I would be there for the zip line too, let’s be real," admitted someone else. "This is obviously for feeding the goats to the dinosaurs,
 joked one person.

The Animals of Charleston Adventure Forest

While we still don't know why the goat zipline exists, what is crystal clear is that the animals at Charleston Adventure Forest like to have fun. The zipline company has shared just small parts of life for the animals on their property, but you can tell they are well-loved.

Like a maternity shoot they did for one of their goats. The company shared a few snapshots from the shoot and they're downright hysterical.

All it takes is a giant bow and one very pregnant goat and you've got internet gold.

In another video, it shows their "clingy" livestock guardian dog staying close by mini horse Zippy. We guess Zippy just wanted a little space.

It's actually so cool to see many different animals living together. According to the company's website, their petting zoo features even more animals like ponies, goats, pigs, alpacas, and reptiles. You can even feed them if you really want.

It seems like such a fun place for a young animal lover. Exposure to animals can foster a life-long care for wildlife. And that's something that everyone can agree with.

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