People Are Convinced That Woman Is Unknowingly Walking Around Paris With a Wolf

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A man on the streets of Paris, France had to do a double take when he saw the strangest thing walking down the street. Is that a — no, it couldn't be. Right? There's no way he saw a wolf in the middle of the city, right? Well that's what it appeared to be in the strangest clip we've ever seen.

Not only was it sort of weird to see the extra-large...whatever it was...strolling down the street, but its owner appeared to be the sweetest little old lady.

Surely, she must've realized that she was walking with a wolf? It seemed like @agreeables was debating whether he should tell the stranger that her innocent little puppy might just be the big bad villain who tried to eat Little Red Riding Hood.

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"I don't think it is what you think it is," he wrote in the onscreen caption. Although we have to admit the creature was pretty well-behaved. Which is probably why Greg wanted a close-up look. "Can I pet that dawg?" he joked in the caption.

The comments section was just as stunned. "Wolf tried to sneak into Granny’s house and she turned him into a pet," joked one commenter. "Ten bucks says she found it as a baby and it knows no other way," someone else teased. "This Wolf is better behaved than most small dogs," a third commenter added. "Casually having a wolf is wild," commented another person.

While someone else seemed to have an explanation about this whole wolf thing. "If this is in Europe (Looks like Paris) then it could be the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, they're bigger than actual wolves and amazing creatures to behold," they wrote.

Ahhh, makes so much sense.

All About The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

So it wasn't a wolf! Whew, that's good news. But what exactly is a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog? These large (very large) dogs were originally bred to patrol the Czechoslovakian border in the '50s. And just like their name implies, these dogs do sort of look like wolves.

They aren't wolves, however. They're very smart and loyal dogs, who can be protective and suspicious of strangers. Because they're working dogs, these pups need experienced owners who know how to train them and manage all their energy. They need lots of exercise and lots of socialization.

In short, these dogs aren't exactly family dogs, nor are they good for first time pet owners. But they are pretty darn cool. And as this video proves, they are sure to turn some heads.

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