People Can't Stop Gushing Over Persian Cat and Toddler's Sweet Bond

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Have you ever seen your kids playing with your pet and wondered what in the world they were thinking? Well we have to imagine that one parent wasn't worried one bit when they saw their toddler and their Persian cat playing together in his car seat. They were having the time of their lives.

Freddy and Bobby do everything together. On their TikTok page you can often find videos of them settling down to read a bedtime story together.

The Persian cat is totally used to his human. So it's no surprise that he's unfazed by Bobby pulling him into a hug while in his car seat. The video from @freddyandbobby shows the boy sitting in his seat giving Freddy some pets, some kisses, and some belly rubs.

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He then gently turns Freddy's face towards him and in the softest, sweetest voice goes, "Hi, Freddy!" Oh my gosh, our hearts!

It seems like they really love each other huh?

"The bond they share," their parent wrote in the caption.

It wasn't just the parent who was charmed by their relationship. The comments section was positively gushing too. "The way he just flops with him, so much trust," wrote one person. "I am obsessed with Freddy and his slow acceptance of love and snuggles when his head tilts all the way down," someone else added. "Aw, that cat is in love with him! So sweet!" a third person chimed in. "Why is Freddy the sweetest kitty in the entire universe??!!!" another commenter wondered.

Introducing Your Cats to Your Kids

There are lots of benefits to raising kids with cats; like increasing a child's capacity for empathy, helping foster self-confidence, teaching them responsibility, giving them a connection to nature, and promoting physical activity.

But getting your cats and your kids to get along is a whole other story. When your child's a baby your cat may have no interest in it. Babies' sounds and smells are totally foreign to cats, so the first hurdle might just be getting your cat used to their scent and their noises.

Limit your cat's access to your baby's room at first and keep their door close while they sleep. While they're still in the hospital, it can help to bring home small objects with your baby's scent on it to get your cat used to their smell.

Cats can get jealous of the attention your baby gets, so make sure you spend time grooming them and making sure they know some things haven't changed. Eventually you can encourage your cat to investigate your baby by smelling them. It might take some time, but soon your cat will get used to the new smell. Before long these two will become lifelong friends.

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