Passengers panic as charging tiger smashes window of car

Passengers panicked as a charging wild tiger smashed the window of a car in northern China.

In the terrifying video, shot in the city of Mishan in Heilongjiang Province on April 23, a man and a woman in a car were heard shouting "run quickly" repeatedly as the motorist turned around to escape.

However, the tiger still caught up with them and used its paw to smash a window.

Another clip shows the tiger attacking another villager and knocking him over to the ground.

The villager was seen getting back on his feet by himself. Fortunately, he was not in life-threatening condition and he is having further treatment.

Workers from the relevant departments arrived and used a drone and other methods to block the tiger.

Police then used a tranquillizer gun to put the tiger to sleep. They will do a physical examination on the tiger on Saturday (April 24).