Parrot’s Cute Hops While Singing ‘Bacon Pancakes’ With Mom Are Too Cute to Resist


If you're looking for something to brighten your day, this video that The Green Bird Brigade shared at the end of May will do it! It's absolutely adorable and will leave you singing the song even after the video ends. It also might make you hungry!

The Quaker parrot's mom doesn't offer up the bird's name, but she's a pretty, fluffy blue talking parrot. The video starts with her saying "bacon pancakes". Her mom asks her if she wants to do bacon pancakes and the bird repeats it again. Mom starts singing, and the bird starts dancing. Make sure your sound is on so you can hear the bird's excitement!

I'm not ashamed to admit that I've watched The Green Bird Brigade's video at least 10 times! It makes me smile and I just love how cute the bird's dance is! Commenter @binstagram_ was in the same boat and said, "I've watched this so many times LOL!" @milkshakethepug wondered the same thing I did, "But where are these bacon pancakes?!" @ChristheCockatoo asked, "She is the cutest thing! Does she want to eat them or she just learned the song?" and the parrot's mom replied, "I think it’s just the song. She would probably look at me like I was nuts if I offered them to her in real life LOL!"

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Birds and Their Love of Music

Did you know that birds love to sing and dance to music just like us humans do? Growing up, we had an Amazon parrot named Otis. He is like another sibling because he's been around so long; my parents still have him, and he's in his late 40's now. Amazon parrots are known for being big talkers. Otis has a huge vocabulary, not to mention all of the sounds that he can mimic. Amazon and African Grey parrots are known to be the most vocal of the talking birds, though Macaws can learn a few words and phrases, too. One of Otis' favorite things to do was sing and dance. He loved the song Old MacDonald Had a Farm and whistled and sang it at least once a day!

Birds obviously can't understand the lyrics to songs, but they do react to music like we do. Researchers at Emory University found that when birds hear birdsongs, they respond to the music similarly to how humans do. Pathways that the human brain employs when it listens to music are the same ones that a bird brain employs. This explains why parrots love to sing and dance so much!

When birds hear music, they react by dancing. They bob and weave, move back and forth, and display other physical responses to songs just like we do. They might not be on beat with the music, but you can tell they're gettin' their groove on!

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