One in five Brits wouldn’t pick the same partner again if given the option

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One in five Brits would not choose the same partner again if given the choice. (Getty Images) (PeopleImages via Getty Images)

The notion that we have to find ‘the one’ is ingrained in us from an early age, but what if you’ve found ‘the one’ only to realise that maybe they’re not the person for you?

That’s the case for some people. A new study has found that as many as one in five Brits would not choose the same partner again if given the choice.

Asked about their biggest relationship regrets, 40% of respondents said they feel like they have ‘settled’ with their current partner, while 10% of both Gen Zs and Millennials often fantasise about being with a different partner.

The survey, from Paddy Power Games, also revealed that 16% of Brits crave more sex in relationships - a number that rises to 22% for the male respondents.

Nearly one in five (17%) would also like their partner to do more around the house, while 16% would like them to be more affectionate, 15% would like them to be better with money, and one in 10 (11%) would like their other half to be nicer.

Those surveyed also admitted to checking up on their exes via social media, with the average person looking at their ex’s accounts every 64 days.

Men look up their former flames more often, averaging every 30 days, while women only look up their exes every 92 days.

The main reason for the snooping is due to nosiness (31%), while 15% admitted that they missed their ex, and 14% said they missed their family.

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Men check up on their exes more often than women. (Getty Images) (klebercordeiro via Getty Images)

"It’s impossible to live life without any regrets so it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that one of the areas where Brits feel most regretful is their relationships and choice of partner," a spokesperson for the site said.

The survey comes as Paddy Power has released a new ad starring Abbey Clancy who considers what her life would be like without her husband, Peter Crouch.

"I would marry Peter again and again. We renewed our vows last Christmas in the Maldives with our family and closest friends," she says. "But, if I could go back to 20 years ago, I’d make sure to teach him how to cook and clean a bit better!"

The survey comes just days after a recent study of British psychologists found that nearly half of UK couples feel ‘trapped’ in their relationships due to the cost of living crisis.

Other findings included that a third of Brits think money strains are leading to increased arguments and tensions with their partner.

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