'Old Lady Cat' Carrying Her Adopted Rescue Kitten Up the Cat Tower is Warming Hearts

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For some reason, cats have gotten a reputation for being aloof and spicy. Sure, every pet has their moments, but most cats are just as social and easygoing as they are stubborn and particular. Just ask pet owner Ashley! She has plenty of pets at home, including several cats, but even she was pleasantly surprised when her 'old lady cat' adopted the stray kitten her husband had just brought home.

The sweet moment happened on July 3 when the older cat simply picked up the kitten and took him away to the cat tower. She was on a mission! The tiny baby looked confused as he was being carted away, but everyone seemed perfectly happy with this unexpected arrangement. Take a look!

Aww! That sweet tabby cat was determined to take her baby up to the cat tower, but she needed a little boost in order to get there. Luckily, Ashley was there to help! She gave her 'old lady cat' a lift to the perch, but she decided to take another hop up to the kitty condo on top. That tiny black kitten is getting penthouse-level treatment!

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Other viewers like @reallifestamina love how casual the kitten is being as if he's saying, "I guess I just accept this." That's so accurate! The cats' owner confirmed that this is only happening because the rescue kitten is OK with it. This isn't the first time this granny cat has tried adopting kittens!

"We have two other kittens who are older," Ashley replied, "and they do not accept. She tries to grab them, but they don't allow it." LOL! That must be hilarious to watch, even if the old cat ends up grumpy in the end. Thankfully, she has a baby to bond with now!

Why Do Cats Adopt Kittens?

As precious as this feline family is, it's certainly not the first time a cat has adopted another's kitten as their own. This can happen when a mama cat loses her kittens or meets other newborns who need to nurse, or it can simply be a case of strong maternal instincts.

In fact, it's fairly common for female cats to share parenting duties, especially in feral cat colonies. One female would watch and nurse the kittens while another goes to hunt, and vice versa. Kittens' dads are almost never in the picture! It makes a lot of sense why an older female cat would still feel driven to care for kittens, but it's so much sweeter when the kitten needs the love, too. This new kitten is so loved already!

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