NYC Rescue Pit Bull Looking for Home for Over 4 Years Has Everyone Heartbroken


No matter where you live, you have plenty of animal shelters near you that are filled to the brim with loving cats, dogs, and small animals. They're the perfect places to begin searching for your new furry friend, but while you're there, make sure to ask about the pets who have been waiting extra long for an adopter to come their way.

In New York City, one shelter sweetheart named Jessa has been waiting over four years to find her perfect forever home. Luckily, that long wait has been made a bit easier thanks to a loving foster dad and plenty of support from foster-based Rescue City. But she still needs to find a home of her very own!

The adoption advocates behind @adoptapet want to help Jessa get noticed by the right people, so they shared a bit of her story in an emotional May 12 TikTok video. Pass the tissues, please!

Oh, Jessa! This gorgeous brown Pit Bull seems like such a friendly, happy dog, and whoever ends up with her forever is going to be so lucky. I have my fingers crossed that that person finds her soon! As much as this dog's foster dad loves her, nothing can match the joy, peace, and stability that comes with finding a forever home.

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However, it looks like Jessa has already had a head start. With some commitment from her foster, this smart girl has already mastered basic obedience training, house training, and even crate training! She's had plenty of time to get used to living in a home, and she's been around people of all ages. Did you see how gentle she was with that adorable baby? It sounds like this Pit Bull would make a lovely family dog!

Adopting an 'Only Pet'

This happy dog seems like a diamond in the rough, so it can seem like a shock that she's been waiting four years in a foster home. But because she needs to be the only pet in the home, Jessa has often been overlooked.

Some folks might think that her dislike for other dogs means she's aggressive or non-adoptable, but this is not true at all. There are many reasons why a dog may need to be the only pet in the home, but none of them mean she can't be a perfect companion for a person, couple, or family. In fact, her rescuers believe that her long stay in foster care makes her an even better candidate for adoption. Could she be the gal for you?

If you'd like to meet Jessa or learn more about her, check out her online profile and read up on Rescue City's application process on their website. Happy tails!

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