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Get £105 off versatile Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Oven and take outdoor entertaining to the next level

(Ninja / Yahoo Life UK)
Treat yourself in time for summer with this great value Ninja bundle from QVC. (Ninja / Yahoo Life UK)

While it feels as though we're not catching much of a break when it comes to the British weather so far this year, we are hopeful that we'll soon be basking in the sunshine. We're starting to make a list of ways to upgrade our outdoor set-ups, from new-and-improved garden furniture sets and hanging egg chairs, to state-of-the-art outdoor cooking appliances.

And we're keeping our eyes peeled for all the best deals, as none of these things come cheap. One of the best savings we've come across this week is Ninja's Woodfire Electric Outdoor Oven, Artisan Pizza Maker and BBQ Smoker — an unbelievable piece of kit which is on sale right now as part of an exclusive bundle available for a limited time only from TV shopping channel, QVC.

Weight: 18kg | Programs: 8 | Temperature range: 40C - 370C | Cord length: 1.9m | Dimensions: H:41 x W:57 x D:51 (cm)

Get more for your money with this exclusive bundle available from QVC, complete with Ninja's Woodfire Electric Outdoor Oven, Pizza Maker & BBQ Smoker, two sample bags of wood pellets, a pizza peel, weather-resistant cover and five accessories.

Save £105 with code
£295 at QVC

Featuring the electric oven, as well as all the necessary add-ons including a complimentary pizza peel and weather-resistant cover, this bundle can be all yours for just £299.95. For price comparison, if you were to purchase all of these components individually direct from Ninja, it would cost you £404.97, meaning you can save a huge £105 in total.

Refusing to stop there, you can even get an additional £5 off your first online QVC order using the code FIVE4U, further reducing the bundle to £294.95, saving you £110 altogether, making this the cheapest deal available anywhere right now.

A deal worth shouting about, this offer can only be found online at QVC until April 21, so that gives you just two days to make the all-important order.

Why we rate it

To begin with, let's talk about how versatile this piece of kit is. Complete with eight impressive cooking programs: Pizza, Max Roast, Gourmet Roast, Top Heat, Bake, Smoker, Dehydrate and Keep Warm, it has an extensive temperature range of 40C to 370C, allowing you to cook up a whole range of meals that require different levels of heat.

As a result, it can cook anything from perfectly charred vegetables to restaurant-quality pizzas, entire roast dinners to throw-together traybakes.

Then there's the flavour. Fuelled by electric (simply plug it into the nearest socket), it uses Ninja's 100% premium hardwood pellets to add those authentic smoky flavours you often get with barbecuing. Not used for fuel, the pellets are there to provide optimal air flow and smokiness, and live in a chamber on the side of the oven.

Complete with eight impressive cooking programs, it has a temperature range of 40C to 370C. (Ninja)
Add smokiness to your food with Ninja's 100% premium hardwood pellets. (Ninja)

As for capacity, this oven can fit a lot. We're talking a whole 3kg chicken complete with vegetables, a 5kg beef joint, two racks of ribs or 12-inch pizza. Enough to host family and friends, that's for sure!

On the topic of pizza — arguably what this gadget is most praised for — Ninja's Woodfire Electric Outdoor Oven claims to deliver perfectly-cooked, no-turn pizza is as little as three minutes, with six pizza pre-sets to suit every taste: Artisan, Thin, New York, Deep Pan, Calzone and Custom.

It's safe to say we've never seen an outdoor oven as versatile and well-equipped as this.

Cook anything from perfectly charred vegetables to restaurant-quality pizzas, entire roast dinners to throw-together traybakes. (Ninja)
Stylishly designed and the perfect addition to any garden, the main unit is understated and easy-to-navigate. (Ninja)
  • Ninja Electric Outdoor Oven Pizza Maker & BBQ Smoker

    Save £105 with code
    See at QVC

The icing on top of the cake is how good it looks. Stylishly designed and the perfect addition to any garden, the main unit is understated and easy-to-navigate. It comes with two dials on the front display — one to determine the cooking mode and the other to set the time — along with a temperature control and Woodfire Flavour button.

And the excitement doesn't stop there, either. Main oven aside, this very bundle comes with the addition of Ninja's Woodfire Outdoor Oven Pizza Peel (£29.99) and Woodfire Outdoor Oven Cover (£24.99) completely free of charge.

What's included in the bundle from QVC?

  • Ninja Woodfire Electric Outdoor Oven, Artisan Pizza Maker and BBQ Smoker

  • Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Oven Cover

  • Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Oven Pizza Peel

  • Grill Plate

  • Pizza Stone

  • Pro Bake Tray

  • Roast Rack

  • Pellet Scoop

  • Sample Bag Ninja Woodfire Pellets (Robust)

  • Sample Bag Ninja Woodfire Pellets (All-Purpose)

What the reviews say

There's no shortage of praise over on Ninja's website for this hybrid electric oven, with various shoppers saying it's well worth the investment, and makes the perfect pizza every time.

  • "First time cooking a pizza outdoors and the dough was a bit of a labour of love with proving and resting but then… omg the best pizza ever! I was in Florence last October and this pizza was just as good if not better (and I loved the pizza there — had it every day!) 3 mins that’s it and then heaven on a plate. We used the smoke pellets and it gave a real authentic baked flavour and the pizza slid off the stone base, thin and crispy. Can’t wait to try the other settings but have already got another batch of dough on the go! We’re now planning a pizza party! Really happy with product. Pizzas were really hot — I’ll never order a delivery again when we can make them like this."

  • "Simple instructions, perfect pizzas first time of use. Would definitely recommend."

  • "I purchased this oven as soon as it came out. In all honesty, I’ve only used it for cooking pizzas so far, but it is amazing. I love stone baked pizzas so this is perfect for me. Once heated up, the pizza only takes 2.5 minutes to cook and the bases have been cooked perfectly. I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can try out the other settings."

  • "Bought the Ninja Woodfire pizza oven and I haven’t been disappointed. Makes perfect artisan pizzas in 2 minutes and the wood pellets are loaded with flavour! Well worth the money spent."

Shop now: Ninja Electric Outdoor Oven Pizza Maker & BBQ Smoker | £294.95 (Was £399.95) from QVC

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