Woman pulls off epic escape by scampering through windscreen as truck flips over

A woman pulled off an epic escape by scampering through the windscreen of her truck as it flipped over.

The female delivery driver was travelling alongside two other trucks when she tried to overtake them and lost control in Bolikhamsai province, Laos.

Her truck skidded sideways until it flipped over, and as it slid across the road she could be seen climbing out of the shattered windscreen while the vehicle was still moving.

She then rushed to save a baby girl who was almost crushed by the truck, before another woman was seen hurrying out of the vehicle when it had stopped.

Resident Vey Yang, one of the neighbours who helped the woman, said: "We heard a crashing sound outside our shop so we went outside. There was a woman carrying a child and another woman from the truck. They were shocked but they were not hurt. Actually, they were worried about the damage to their truck but we said we would take care of it for them."

The driver and her family were taken to the hospital by kind locals for treatment, but they were not seriously hurt aside from light scratches.