Woman has miracle escape from two out-of-control cars

A woman had a miraculous escape after two out-of-control cars crashed on a road in southern Thailand.

Footage shows the woman looking left and right while crossing the dual carriageway before seeing the out-of-control vehicles – which were allegedly racing – careering towards the traffic island in Phuket province on June 8.

The quick-thinking pedestrian evades the car by running back to the other side of the road before the vehicle crashes into a tree.

The drivers of the two cars that crashed were rushed to hospital and are now in a stable condition, while the woman escaped unscathed.

Police investigator Sarit Butnongsaeng said: "Officers are gathering evidence including the street CCTV that captured what happened. Our primary investigation showed that one of the cars appeared to race with another vehicle and caused a collision."

The officer said an Isuzu D-Max pickup truck was ‘modified to be used as a racing car’ before it clipped a Honda Jazz and another car along the road.