Watch: Peak District roads gridlocked by staycationers

Peak District traffic
Peak District traffic

This is the moment staycationers left roads in the Peak District gridlocked over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Footage posted on social media shows a huge queue of traffic on picturesque country roads as holidaymakers made their way to their getaways on Saturday.

Lucy Sturgess, who posted the video on TikTok, wrote “Crazy Peak District traffic today. Cars everywhere.”

The clip received over 44,700 likes on TikTok while photos of the traffic backlog caused an outcry on local Facebook groups.

‘It’s gone too far’

One person commented: “I am afraid that it has all gone too far. The main aim of the National Park was conservation of countryside and wildlife and encouraging people to respect, and enjoy nature.

“I don’t think that remit covered leaving dirty nappies and litter and just generally slobbing about with their chips and beer.

“If this is helping local business they can stick it. A cafe or shop can only cope with so many people, not hoards who will be just as happy in Blackpool.”

Another resident said: “It’s a complete mare at bank holiday, I live quite near at Tideswell. Don’t go any further than my bath, kitchen and toilet on weekends.”

A third wrote: “Tiktok has some explaining to do. Can’t drive anywhere in Derbyshire now on a bank holiday.”