Watch: BMW flips and crashes into property

A BMW driven at high speed flipped into the front garden of a house, before three men climbed out of the car unscathed.

CCTV footage captured the black BMW 320 as it lost control and crashed in a residential street in Bradford, West Yorkshire, on Monday evening.

The video shows the car skid on the road, hit the kerb and collide with one home before rolling over and smashing through a garden fence and a canopy next door.

A driver and two passengers then climb out of the smoking vehicle as neighbours survey the damage in Park Lane, Little Horton.

West Yorkshire Police said it was looking for two of the men who fled the scene.

CCTV image of the aftermath of a BMW flipping over and crashing into a front garden
CCTV image of a BMW that flipped over and crashed into a front garden - SWNS

One homeowner, who wished not to be named, reckoned the car was travelling at around 60mph when it crashed.

She said: “They were driving and revving the engine, and the car just hit the property.

“It flipped upside down and hit our house... They must have been driving at least 60mph.

“There are so many residents here, they could have hit children.

’Just a metre from the door’

“Luckily nobody was hurt, but they crawled out of the car like little cockroaches.

“Ultimately, they didn’t care. They were walking around for a while. They put their hoods up and walked off.

“There was no concern for anyone’s safety and I’m worried they’re not going to suffer any consequences for their actions.

“If it was just a metre off, it would have hit into the door.

“We had to evacuate the property. The fire service told us, ‘You have to get out in case there’s any structural damage’.”

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: “Police were called at 6.16pm yesterday to Park Lane to reports a vehicle had crashed into a house.

“It’s reported two occupants of the vehicle left the scene before police arrived. Inquiries are ongoing to locate them.”