Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews 'making more effort' to spend time without their kids

Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews (Dave Benett)
Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews (Dave Benett)

Vogue Williams has said she and husband Spencer Matthews are making more of an effort to prioritise their marriage after welcoming three children together in the space of five years.

The podcaster and model, 38, said the couple - who married in 2018 - are making more of an effort to keep their relationship “fun”, joking that their three children will “ditch them” eventually and they need to keep their spark alive.

The couple, who host the Spencer and Vogue podcast together, have three children - Theodore, born in 2018, Gigi, born in 2020 and Otto, born in 2022.

They have recently returned from their first solo holiday without their children - a ski trip to Megève, France.

She told the Standard: “[It was] Our first real trip away, just us [since having children]. We always have our kids with us, but we are trying to make more of a conscious effort [to do things together].”

Adding the trip took three years to organise, Williams continued: “It is really nice to go away on your own. We did miss the noise and the madness of the house.

"It made us realise [we need to put in that] extra bit of effort and make time for each other. It is really important. The kids are going to ditch us at some point in their lives, we need to keep the relationship fun.”

Over the Christmas period, reports wrongly suggested the couple were moving their family back to Ireland after Williams purchased a house in her home town of Howth, County Dublin.

She insisted the couple were staying in London and were in the process of selling their home in the capital i order to get more space for their family.

The Ireland home - which she bought from a friend - will be used for family holidays.

Williams said she had always wanted to raise a family in Ireland, but due to work commitments believed the couple would stay in London.

"Ideally I would love to raise my family in Ireland, it is a lovely place to grow up and I do get worried about safety and that sort of thing in London," she said. "But with work, I just can’t imagine that I will be able to.

"Everyone thinks I have sold my house - but I haven’t. We will definitely move somewhere else in London, we love where we live but it is just starting to get a bit small with all our kids, we’d love a bit of garden really."

Williams also spoke about her partnership with Colgate and their new range of LED Whitening Kits and toothpastes. This includes the Colgate Max White Ultimate LED Whitening Kit and Colgate Max White Ultimate toothpaste.

She said she was “obsessed” with teeth and keeping on top of her oral health was part of her health and fitness regime.

Williams said that - recently - her health regime included cold or ice bathing and giving up alcohol for January.

"It has been really nice to focus on health and feel really good,” she said.  “I love training and feeling my best.”