Vaccine hesitancy rises in France after AstraZeneca suspension

Vaccine hesitancy has risen sharply in France since European countries chose to suspend the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab, Euronews reports.

Both the European Medical Agency and the World Health Organisation have insisted the vaccine is safe and effective in protecting against Covid-19.

A number of European nations have resumed using the jab, but Norway and Denmark have extended their suspensions.

Around 42% of French respondents thought the AstraZeneca jab unsafe in a YouGov survey last month.

But after the suspensions, that figure has now climbed to more than 60%.

Euronews asked for the thoughts of some people in the French city of Lyon.

"There is some mixed information about the efficacy and side effects, so I am not really sure. I would prefer to get the Pfizer vaccine," one man said.

"I am afraid of that [AstraZeneca] vaccine," said a woman who is getting the Pfizer vaccine next month.

"Yes, I don't care, I would go for this vaccine," another woman said.

"For my dad, I really wouldn't recommend him this vaccine [AstraZeneca]," a young man said.

"I am not quite keeping in touch with the news, and the pros and cons. My first thought is that as long as I don't have to, I won't," a woman said.