UK family dog was found wandering around on their roof!

A family noticed their dog was missing, only to find him wandering round on the ROOF.

Kyle Barrett, 32, was visiting family with his wife, children and pooch when everyone noticed their dog, Samson, had vanished.

But nobody expected to look up and spot the 60kg St Bernard sniffing around on the roof of his mother’s bungalow.

The family, from Lymm, Cheshire, then had the job of coaxing the one-year-old still growing pup back down again.

Dad-of-one Kyle, who works in IT, said fortunately Samson was surefooted and got down with ease.

Samson the dog on the roof
Samson the dog on the roof

But he was slightly nervous the 'dozy' dog would fall.

The curious pooch had climbed up via the garage

He said: “We could hear this loud banging and realised at the same time we couldn’t find the dog.

“I was a bit surprised - it's not every day you see a 60kg St Bernard wandering around on the roof.

“I did panic a little that the dozy bugger might fall off, but luckily he’s fairly surefooted.

“I guess he just wanted to have a bit of a wander.”