Tuesday evening news briefing: Hunter Biden bought revolver while ‘addicted to crack cocaine’

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Good evening. Joe Biden’s son has been found guilty in a federal gun trial. Elsewhere, Rishi Sunak has put tax cuts at the centre of his re-election campaign.

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Hunter Biden guilty on all counts in gun trial

The US President’s son was convicted by a jury in Delaware on all three of the counts relating to buying a revolver in 2018, which the prosecution said he did while addicted to crack cocaine. Follow the live blog here.

Sunak promises £17bn in tax cuts

Mr Sunak has put tax cuts at the centre of his re-election campaign in a bid to draw a dividing line between him and Sir Keir Starmer. Speaking at a press conference, Rachel Reeves called the Tory manifesto “a desperate wish list of unfunded promises”, claiming it will raise family mortgages by £4,800.

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Greek police deny having crucial Michael Mosley CCTV four days before he was found

The doctor was missing for five days on the Greek island of Symi after going for a hike alone without his phone. A Greek news website claimed that days before his body was discovered, the Hellenic Police force had footage placing Dr Mosley in the same location.

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The protesters placing Wallace and Gromit stickers on the portrait CREDIT: X / @AnimalRising

A statement from the activist group said they had chosen to redecorate the portrait of the King on Pall Mall in Philip Mould gallery to bring attention to animal cruelty.


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