Tube travel at 50% of pre-pandemic levels

London Underground usage is regularly reaching at least half of pre-pandemic levels, Transport for London (TfL) said.

Demand for the Tube on weekdays is often at 50% of what it was before the coronavirus crisis, and is hitting more than 60% at weekends.

This is up from about 40% across the entire week in early May.

An average of more than 1.8 million journeys are being made on the Tube every weekday.

Last weekend, ridership was at 58% on the Saturday and 62% on the Sunday.

Bus travel in the afternoon is also continuing to grow.

Overall demand is reaching about two-thirds of pre-pandemic levels on weekdays, and hitting as much as 75% at weekends.

About 3.5 million journeys are being made every weekday on London buses, which is likely to increase further once schools return from next week.

TfL’s managing director for customers, communication and technology, Vernon Everitt, said: “Ridership on our services continues to recover as more and more people head out to enjoy London’s vibrant shops, leisure and entertainment.

“We’re welcoming customers back to a transport network that is cleaner than ever, with an enhanced cleaning regime, hospital-grade cleaning products, widely available hand sanitiser and UV light fittings on escalator handrails to kill viruses.

“We remain focused on providing safe, clean and convenient services for everyone.

“And beyond the bank holiday weekend we’ll be ready to support a further increase in ridership as the holiday season draws to a close and more Londoners return to their workplaces.”