Thundery showers to hit parts of UK amid wet start to summer

Thundery showers are set to hit parts of the UK amid a wet and cold start to the summer.

The weather is expected to remain unsettled for the rest of this week, Met Office spokesperson Stephen Dixon said.

Temperatures will remain below average over the next few days due to a northerly wind drawing air from the Arctic across the UK.

Cars on the motorway driving in rain. The spray makes it hard to see some of the cars in the distance
Between 20-40mm of rainfall is expected as the UK enters summertime (David Davies/PA)

Mr Dixon said the weather on Tuesday and Wednesday will remain generally dry in the west, with some rain in eastern parts of the UK.

“On Thursday there will be more persistent rain for much of the country,” he said.

He added there would be a “more unsettled weather regime” on Thursday and Friday and heading into the weekend with “thundery showers” in the south-east of England on Friday.

Between 20-40mm of rainfall is expected, with the highest levels on higher ground in Wales and Northern Ireland.

Temperatures will remain in the mid-teens in much of the UK during the week, while overnight temperatures “could be getting towards the low single figures” in northern parts of Scotland.

The south-east of England will see the highest temperatures, with 19C expected on Thursday and Friday.

However, Mr Dixon warned: “It won’t feel particularly warm with the rain we have been having.”