Afternoon Update: Teal MP’s seat facing abolition; attempted murder charge over Wakeley stabbing; and Elon Musk’s $68bn pay package

<span>The independent MP for North Sydney, Kylea Tink, says she is disappointed by the AEC’s proposed redistribution of electoral boundaries.</span><span>Photograph: Mick Tsikas/AAP</span>
The independent MP for North Sydney, Kylea Tink, says she is disappointed by the AEC’s proposed redistribution of electoral boundaries.Photograph: Mick Tsikas/AAP

Afternoon. The independent MP Kylea Tink will lose her seat should a proposed redistribution of electoral boundaries proceed.

The Australian electoral commission has recommended one of the country’s oldest electorates, North Sydney, be abolished in its latest boundary shake-up. Current North Sydney electors would find themselves in either the divisions of Bennelong (Labor), Bradfield (Liberal) or Warringah (independent). The election analyst Ben Raue predicted that the boundary changes also meant a nominal loss of Bennelong for Labor to the Liberals.

In a statement, Tink said she was “disappointed” with the draft decision. “This is a draft proposal and there is now a further process to go through. I will have more to say on this in due course.”

The AEC reviews Australia’s electoral boundaries regularly to ensure projected population changes are taken into account.

Top news

  • Attempted murder charge over alleged Wakeley stabbing | Prosecutors will argue a teenage boy accused of terrorism intended to murder a bishop in south-western Sydney when he allegedly stabbed him during a sermon earlier this year. The 16-year-old is accused of travelling 90 minutes from his home to attack Assyrian bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, 53, during a livestreamed sermon at Christ the Good Shepherd church in Wakeley on 15 April.

  • Melbourne records coldest day in five years | Melbourne hit a low of 8.7C at commute hour this morning, a day after a high temperature of only 10.1C at 5pm. The BoM says the south-eastern areas of Australia, from Tasmania up into Queensland, could expect cold days and frosty nights with below-average temperatures to continue into the coming week.

  • Pro-Palestine protests planned at Labor offices | Darebin For Palestine, one of the community organising groups behind pro-Palestinian protests targeting Labor MPs in Melbourne, says it will defy the PM’s directions and continue to apply pressure. In a statement this morning, the group said they intend to target the offices of three local MPs on Saturday as part of a mass demonstration that they’re calling a “protest parade”.

  • Bird flu spreads to sixth Victorian farm | The case of avian influenza (H7N3) was confirmed at a property already in quarantine in the Golden Plains shire, 200km south-west of Melbourne. All ducks at the property will be culled under veterinary supervision, with the site cleaned and cleared of the infection.

  • Four-fold increase in GHB hospital admissions in Queensland | The staggering increase has alarmed Queensland authorities. In recent years, the drug has gained popularity among 18 to 25-year-olds as a “party drug”, but it’s also known as a “date rape” drug commonly used in drink-spiking.

  • Two-year-old boy bitten by dingo on K’gari | Queensland government rangers are hunting for an untagged female wongari (dingo) after the animal bit a boy in the car park at Lake McKenzie. The child was left with two puncture wounds in his thigh.

  • The Philippines increases South China Sea patrols | The Philippines stepped up patrols ahead of the rollout of a new Chinese regulation that empowers its coast guard to detain foreigners accused of trespassing.

  • Woman faces up to 30 years in prison over bong water | Jessica Beske of Fargo, North Dakota, was pulled over in Polk county, Minnesota, with police officers discovering a bong containing water that tested positive for methamphetamine, despite Minnesota decriminalising drug paraphernalia last year. “It’s just so wrong,” Beske said of the extraordinary penalty.

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