Swipebuster: The £5 app that could reveal if your partner is cheating

 (Getty Images/iStockphoto)
(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Dating apps make it all too easy to find someone to hook up with, whether you’re single or in a supposedly monogamous relationship.

You can swipe through potential conquests to your heart’s content and your partner will never know.

But if you’ve been using Tinder whilst in a relationship - whether to physically cheat on your partner or just have a few swipes to see if you've still got it, you could be in trouble.

New app Swipebuster allows you to search for someone on Tinder and see when they last swiped.

So whilst you may be able to justify your partner’s single friend finding your profile on Tinder by saying you just hadn’t deleted your account, Swipebuster will show when you were last active.

Swipebuster costs $6.99 (£5.43) for three searches, and all you have to do is put in the first name, age and likely location of your suspect.

We decided to try the app out to see how accurate it is.

After searching for myself (Rachel, 24, based in London) I was presented with a whole host of Rachels on Tinder who fit the criteria - the selection even extended to Rachels aged 23 and 25.

I scrolled down a little, and lo and behold, there I was. Whilst my bio didn’t appear, all my pictures did, as well as which gender I’m interested in. It did seem to think I'm already 25 though, for some reason.

Rachel's profile on Swipebuster (she also occasionally doesn't wear stripes)
Rachel's profile on Swipebuster (she also occasionally doesn't wear stripes)

And of course, the crucial info - when I last swiped (as you can see, I have gone off Tinder in recent months, but that’s a whole other article).

When searching for a friend who I know uses Tinder, she didn’t come up, which makes me wonder whether she last used Tinder away from where she lives.

If that’s the case, clearly it’s possible someone could slip through the net and make them harder to find.

Swipebuster insists that it only presents information that is public on Tinder.

You could argue that if you need to use the app, there are some way more important underlying trust issues to address.

But if you do find your significant other has been using Tinder, they may have some explaining to do.

We predict a whole load of arguments.