Surrogate raises twin babies after parents never show up

A surrogate mother in the US who gave birth to twins last year is now raising them with her husband after their biological parents didn't show up.

The mother, who goes by mom_11203 on TikTok, has been documenting her journey, saying she gave birth to the brother and sister in February 2021.

The baby's parents were living overseas and due to Covid restrictions would have had to quarantine for two weeks when travelling to the US. When restrictions were lifted in November last year, they still made no plans to come and get their children.

The surrogate mother and her husband are fighting to adopt the babies.
The surrogate mother and her husband are fighting to adopt the babies. Source: TikTok/ mom_11203 (TikTok/ mom_11203)

"They were also not honest from the beginning about their visa situation," the mum wrote on a TikTok video.

"Not only did they not pick the twins up, they never established their parental rights".

However, now the woman — who has older children and is also a foster parent — says the parents haven't contacted her for almost 50 days and have stopped making financial contributions to the twins, who have been named Hannah and James.

The twins were born in February 2021. Source: TikTok/ mom_11203
The twins were born in February 2021. Source: TikTok/ mom_11203 (TikTok/ mom_11203)

She says her husband and herself are on the twins' birth certificates and have full parental rights, but weren't prepared to take care of two newborn babies.

"I was okay taking care of them for a little while," she wrote in comments. "But days turned into weeks and weeks into months…with no travel progress"

The mother said her and her husband have begun working with lawyers to see if they can keep the babies.

TikTok users shocked the intended parents can still legally take them

TikTok users couldn't believe her story, shocked that the intended parents are still legally allowed to collect the children.

"We ARE working with a lawyer. Yes, there was a legal contract in place," the surrogate mother said in a comment.

"Our contract states that I am legally bound to give up my rights. But they’re also legally bound to come get their babies."

Some users questioned whether or not they were waiting to pick the children up when they were older.

"Do you think they’re just leaving them so you can go through all the “hard” phases then they’ll want them later?" one user asked, with others echoing the same concerns.

The mother said she has asked the intended parents if she and her husband can adopt the twins, but they said "not consent".

"I will not give them up without a fight," the surrogate mother promised followers on TikTok, saying her family intended to adopt them.

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