Super Gran star Gudrun Ure dies aged 98

Gudrun Ure
Gudrun Ure

Gudrun Ure, best known for her leading role in the hit 1980s children’s TV show Super Gran, has died aged 98.

Her death was confirmed on Tuesday by her niece, the BBC reported.

She died at her home in London.

Ure was born in Milton of Campsie, in central Scotland just north of Glasgow, in 1926.

She was cast in the title role of Super Gran at the age of 59.

She played grandmother Granny Smith, who gained superpowers after being accidentally hit by a magic ray created by an inventor.

The character, usually accompanied by her grandson Willard, goes on to use her powers to protect residents of the fictional town of Chiselton from a range of villains.

The series was based on a series of books by Forrest Wilson, and adapted into a TV show for Children’s ITV.

It ran for two series, from January 1985 to May 1987, and won an Emmy in 1985.

Ure performed many of the stunts on the low-budget show herself, according to ITV.

She also starred as Desdemona in Orson Welles’ 1951 stage production of Othello, and played a range of TV and radio roles, including an appearance in Casualty.

She was married to her husband John Ramsay for more than 40 years, prior to his death in 2008.

Her niece, Kate McNeill, paid tribute to her to the BBC as a "really kind" person.

Former Super Gran fans shared their sadness at her death on X, telling of the impact the show had on their childhoods.

“Loved watching this as a wee bairn. RIP Supergran,” wrote one.

“What an absolute hero of mine back in the 80s. RIP Supergran,” wrote another.

Alice Irvine wrote: “Oh no I loved this show RIP Supergran you were a big part of my childhood.”

“Broken at this,” said another. “A massive, massive part of my youth. When things were that bit more innocent. Sleep tight Gudrun.”

John Pirie wrote: “Was there nothing that she cannae do!! RIP Ms Ure.”