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Tea is one of Britain's great loves, and what better day to discuss tea than on International Tea Day?

According to the UK Tea and Infusions Associations, Brits sip on approximately 100 million cups of tea daily, nearly 36 billion per year. So it comes as no surprise that tea is a huge part of British culture and something that millions of people look forward to, no matter the weather or the time of day.

One of the major things Britons feel passionate about is how strong their tea should be. This has sparked numerous debates across the country, and year after year, it remains a topic that Brits feel strongly about.

A 2018 YouGov survey revealed the exact shade that Britons prefer their tea to be. Of the 1,595 people who completed the survey, 47% chose a shade of brown that suggests a strong tea with a generous splash of milk.

Meanwhile, 19% chose a slightly darker, stronger brew, while 14% preferred a little bit more milk in their tea.

Other arguments about tea include whether it should be poured before milk, although some people prefer to pour milk in their mug before the tea.

Earlier this year, an American professor sparked huge controversy after she suggested adding a pinch of salt to make the "perfect" cup of tea. The recommendation was widely rebuffed by Brits everywhere, even prompting a response from US Embassy in London.

The US Embassy said in a social media post that adding salt to tea was an "outrageous proposal", but joked that tea should be made in a microwave - as is often the case in the US.

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