Stamp collection released to highlight UK marine life

A new set of 14 stamps showing images of aquatic wildlife around the British Isles has been released by Royal Mail.

Ten stamps feature detailed pictures of various marine habitats and creatures that can all be found around the UK, including mammals, fish, anemones, crustaceans, birds, molluscs and cold-water coral reefs.

The new stamp collection
The new stamp collection (Royal Mail/PA)

The final four showcase the marine food chain in a miniature fact sheet, created in tandem with a marine biologist.

All designs were approved by the Queen.

Royal Mail worked with David Sims, senior research fellow at the Marine Biological Association in Plymouth and Professor of Marine Ecology at the University of Southampton, when creating the stamps.

Royal Mail new stamps
One of the stamps, shows a bottlenose dolphin (Royal Mail/PA)

Mr Sims said: “The stamps are a great opportunity to celebrate the UK’s wonderfully diverse marine life but also to acknowledge our responsibility to protect these increasingly impacted species and ecosystems.”

Among the creatures shown in the stamps are the cuckoo wrasse, a colourful fish found near rocky sea-beds that begin life as females but can become male if needed, and more well-known bottlenose dolphins, found living in social groups equalling between 20 and 1,000.

The UK’s waters are home to around 3,000 species of animal and plant life.

The entire set costs £14.50 and can be pre-ordered at and go on general sale on July 22.