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Your Pure Rally competition entries
  • Kirsty Pulsakowska – Proud BMW Z3 owner

    “This was my best ever motoring moment, parking my new Z3M coupe in the drive! I have wanted this car for the last six years but I could not afford one. After a lot of hard work and saving I finally was able to have my dream car and truly call it my own!” 

  • Sarah Robertson – Wife of Capri obsessive

    “My husband owns a 1981 Ford Capri. It tends to break down every few miles and it filled me with terror when he said he intended to drive it to our wedding. Thankfully it was the one time that it worked perfectly. I noticed that the smile on our wedding photos is greater when he stands next to the Capri than when he stands next to me. I can see who really wins his heart!”

  • Fran Kurelac – Croatian Gumballer

    “Here are the pictures from my biggest road trip so far. It was in May last year, my friend and me went from Croatia to Austria to see the Gumball 3000, and then we followed them from Austria to Italy, and after that we went on a tour around the Adriatic Sea which ended in lovely island of Murter in Croatia. Hope you like the photos.” 

  • Ashley Longley – Le Mans road tripper

    “This picture was taken on last years 24hr Le Mans road trip. All hungover from the night before, we pulled into a sleepy French village in two GT3 RS’s and this SL55 AMG for a spot of lunch. Too much wine for one person resulted in this picture.”

  • Neil Molyneux – Fridge courier

    “Greatest moment (was) getting a new fridge home without having to pay for deliveries.”

  • Fiona Gregory – Tiny Texas trucker

    “My funniest motoring experience was when I went to Texas, USA last summer and drove down the state. The funny thing was when I went to collect my hire car and was handed the keys to a HUGE Ford Escape. I am 5 foot (tall) and needed a step stool to climb into the driving seat. Driving through Texas was the best month of my life and I would love to experience The Marbella Rally and show some girl power.”

  • Espen Lund – Lamborghini legend

    “My greatest motoring moment was last year, when I and my girlfriend were on holiday in Dubai and rented a Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 SuperTrofeo Stradale for a day. It's a special edition Gallardo, with a limited production at just 150 cars. We drove #44."

  • Tristan Matthews – OAP racers

    “This is a picture of our trip to Le Mans 2013 with friends in fancy dress.”

  • James Wright – Cool customer

    “My motoring memory was riding a ski mobile on a recent trip to Finland. It was awesome racing around the snowy fields and tunnels.”

  • Captain Andy "woody" Gaywood - Team Bombero Bombers

    “This was taken just outside Nürnburg, and yes after beasting this N-plate retired London taxi over the Alps and down the Stelvio Pass we still managed to get her round the track at Nürnburg.

    For this reason alone we deserve to do a pleasurable little drive this year. No one quite does rallies like the ‘Bombero Bombers’”.

  • Tim Hutton – Ice drifting danger man

    “Here is my proudest motoring moment! Drifting a Volvo 240 on ice in Sweden last year with three of my mates.”