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Weird restaurants around the world
  • Not one for people with vertigo, this mobile restaurant dangles from a giant crane some 50 metres in the sky. Chefs, waiter and an entertainer serve up traditional fare from the middle of a 22-seater table. With ever-changing views - locations vary from castles to vineyards and historical sights – this is one restaurant that always boasts sky-high bills.

  • Fish is always on the menu at the Ithaa underwater restaurant. Situated five metres below sea level, you'll get up close to giant moray eels and stingrays while sipping champagne cocktails and tucking into delicious Maldavian and western fusion cuisine. For more about Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, visit hiltonworldresorts.com

  • Safe sex is on the menu at C&C's five restaurants. Proceeds from the restaurants and gift shops help to fund population control and aids awareness. Safe sex pamphlets sit alongside menus offering Thai set meals and snacks. Needless to say, your bill comes with a complimentary condom. 

  • Vodka and vows are the order of the day at this bar cum restaurant. Set up by monks from the Shingon sect of Buddhism, you are likely to receive spiritual advice as well a heady cocktail from the monk serving behind the bar. There is also the occasional guest lecture. 

  • With only one table, you are guaranteed to receive the waiter's undivided attention at Solo Per due (Just for Two). Situated in Vacone, it is reputed to be the smallest and most romantic restaurant in the world. The seasonal menu changes daily and the restaurant is set in lush grounds alongside the remains of a Roman villa. Visit soloperdue.com

  • This is one jail that people are clammering to get into. Britain's first commercial restaurant within a prison offers ex-offenders within and outside Highdown Prison in Surrey to gain catering experience and national qualifications. Once through the prison gates and security checks, guests are served in a restaurant where everything from the furniture to the food has been made by inmates.

  • This animal-themed restaurant is one mighty meat feast. Camel, ostrich and crocodile the most exotic meats served nowadays following a ban on eating game animals. Huge haunches of meat plus the sausages, ribs, and kidneys are roasted on long Masai swords in a giant charcoal pit – and the feeding frenzy continues until you tell them to stop. Visit tamarind.co.ke

  • Join the cappuccino community and discuss the meaning of life at a Philo café. Le Café des Phares in Paris, a favourite haunt of extistentialist Jean Paul Sartre, is where it all started. Since then, philo cafes have sprung up all over the world. Join in the debate in English on the first Wednesday of the month at Café de Flore, 7pm.

  • A weird supper club from Japan – where else? –the Nyotaimori dining experience involves eating sushi off a naked hostess's body. Guests registering in advance are emailed the location and time 24 hours beforehand, along with the rules and dress code. The champagne reception, 10 course meal will set you back around £250. Visit flash-sushi.com/

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  • With outlets all over Asia, this toilet-themed restaurant is no flush in the pan! Customers sit on individual toilets eating curries, hot pots and ice cream sundaes from mini toilet dishes. Even the tables are covered washbasins. This is definitely a restaurant that has every modern convenience. moderntoilet.com/tw

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