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Varanasi: Ghats, Ganges and Holy Men
  • Women use the holy waters of The Ganges to was their brightly coloured saris at Dashashwamedh Ghat in Holy City of Varanasi.

  • Hindu priests offer evening prayers on the banks of The Ganges.

  • The holy city of Varanasi stretches along the bank of the great River Ganges and is full of ancient palaces, havelis, ghats and boat loads of Hindu pilgrims.

  • The many ghats in Varanasi have lots of different functions. Some are used for washing and bathing in the holy waters while others are specially designated ghats used for burning the dead.

  • Boatloads of merchants, pilgrims and tourists row up and down the river every day.

  • This souvenir peddler is selling his wares up and down the length of the river in front of Varanasi'a ghats.

  • An Indian woman sits and rests at Dhobi Ghat, a traditional staircase where the washers handwash and dry the laundry on clothes lines.

  • Indian Naga Sadhus, holy men in Varanasi sit and pray along the banks of The Ganges.