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Top ten celebrity travel companions
  • Lucky Helen came out as the celebrity us Brits would most like to go on holiday with. We'd like to sit at the beach on Brighton Rocks with the dame, before taking a stroll in Gosford Park. Then we'd head off to a Love Ranch before visiting The Prince of Egypt together. Perfect.

  • The perfect place to take Helena? Peculiar, in Missouri, where we could get a Room With a View and no doubt celebrate her fabulous eccentricity in style. 

  • David's charms are clear: boys could kick a footie on the beach with him while girls sit back and drink in the fabulous views (of the sea and beyond, of course). We'd like to take him to Blue Ball in Pennsylvania, just to give him a little break from Goldenballs.

  • Think about all the fabulous clothes and beauty products you could borrow if you went on holiday with Kate Middleton. We'd like to go with her to Port-au-Prince, where she could show us her top tips on how to pick up a royal.

  • Brit beauty Keira is stylish, down-to-earth and intelligent, so it's no surprise she's the 5th most popular celebrity that we'd like to travel with. Our ideal Keira destination? Why, the Caribbean, of course, where her swashbuckling know-how will keep us safe from all those Pirates, while we soak up the sun.

  • The nation's favourite Geordie came in at 6th place with Bear Grylls. A holiday with Cheryl would Promise This: glamour, glitz and girlie fun. Where to go? Maybe we should head to her home town of Newcastle so we could pick up the lingo and actually understand what she's saying… what were we saying about glitz?

  • We'd love to go with Bear on an exciting trip to some extreme part of the world (the Sahara Desert, the Amazonian jungle - you get the drill) just so we can see his survival skills in action first-hand. But we'd really like to see how he tackles Hell (yes, a town in Michigan), and then we'll treat him with a trip to Bear Lick in Pennsylvania afterwards.

  • We think Australia would be a good destination for a holiday with Prince Harry - if only so that we can see him trying to pull off that Crocodile Dundee look again…

  • Michael McIntyre would keep you permanently entertained on holiday, which is probably why we picked him as joint 7th celebrity (with Prince Harry) who we'd like to take a break with. We'd like to see if even he could make us LOL in Boring, Oregon.

  • Apparently, we think Prince William would make a great travel companion. There's lots of possible reasons why: a) he's jolly nice; b) he's got lots of money; c) he'd make the perfect ski instructor after spending half his life on Courchevel holidays. But we'd love to take him to Middelfart in Denmark, where we could make juvenile Kate Middelfart jokes all day. Then, if we were being really mean, we'd take him to Bald Head in Maine.

  • Singer Rihanna grabs the spot as the 9th favourite person we'd like to head off on holiday with. Maybe it's because we think she's the best person to show us the sights in her home country of Barbados (white sands, turquoise seas, palm trees - yes please), but perhaps we want to jet off to the rainiest place on Earth with her - Tutunendo, Colombia - so we can stand under Umbrella-ella-ella.

  • We're guessing that Kelly Brook's vote came mainly from the male population who'd like to admire her curvaceous bikini body. Big Knockerstown in the UK and Titz in Germany sound like the perfect holiday destinations, then!