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Top 5 affordable 4x4s to tackle wintry weather
  • The original workhorse can be seen grafting in all seasons on farms up and down the country. It was built with terrible weather in mind and although the interior isn’t luxurious the 200TDi engine will pull the car out of even the stickiest of situations. We found this example on Auto Trader for £4,495

  • Owners of Toyota’s muscular pick-up will tell you it takes a nuclear weapon to stop this off-road hero from running. The stars of Top Gear discovered that even drowning the thing wouldn’t kill it. The interior is basic and the ride can be bouncy but if you are prepared to overlook the high mileage found on many used examples, you can pick a tidy Hilux up for as little as £5,500

  • The Yeti is too new to warrant a real bargain but its superb build quality, comfortable ride and surprising off-road abilities make it a must-drive for anyone considering a 4x4. Used prices start at around £11,995 but most of these will still be under a Skoda warranty.

  • It’s the ultimate status car but gleaming examples with reasonable mileage on the clock can be had for around £17,000. It’s the only way to tackle the school run in sub-zero conditions and still look stylish.

  • If you can’t stretch to the Range Rover’s asking price, fear not. VW’s awesome Touareg offers similar levels of style and comfort for half the price. Just under £10k bags you this 3.6 litre V6 model with 32, 545 miles on the clock. That meaty six-cylinder engine offers bags of torque and a deep burble that will draw the crowds as you ease out of the snow-covered driveway.