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Orlando's best white-knuckle rides
  • Descend into the darkness on Disney’s iconic ride through outer space. Helter skeltering in a rocket at top speed, the twists and drops are set to confuse, but it’s the pitch black - with only occasional flashes of celestial light from stars, comets and planets - and fellow riders’ disembodied squeals that really jangles the nerves. Outer space, outta body.
    Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort

  • Report for your action-packed mission with Optimus Prime and the Autobots to save mankind at this new 3D dark ride. Take your seat in the 12-person vehicle - modelled on Evac, a new Transformer - for a turbo-charged, action-packed battle fraught with chases and explosions to get the heart racing.
    Universal Studios Florida, Universal Orlando Resort

  • Don’t look down! The absence of a floor on this roller coaster - the longest, tallest and fastest of its type in town - adds that special touch of fear. Twist and turn your way at 65mph in flying chairs into speedy spirals, high drops and unnerving moments of weightlessness through the eponymous sea monster’s den.
    SeaWorld Orlando, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

  • Design your own white-knuckle ride using state-of-the-art touch-screen technology. Choose from a roller coaster, bobsled or jet, set speeds, determine heights, build slopes and corkscrews, then climb aboard in a 4D robotic simulator which plays on all the senses to create a seriously realistic experience.   
    Epcot, Walt Disney World Resort

  • Prepare for your spine to tingle. This ride has got it all – roller coaster, pyrotechnics and some fearful skeleton warriors, too. Speed through the dark in this haunted Egyptian labyrinth of secret passages, fleeing burial chambers and fog-bound tombs until you’re finally gobbled up by the mouth of a mummy.
    Universal Studios Florida, Universal Orlando Resort 

  • All aboard a flying manta ray - the tracks are above, the train is below, so empty your pockets first. The half-mile swoop across an aquarium is an upside-down hair-raiser, reaching speeds of 56mph. Feel the G-force on the Pretzel Loop and the water in your face as the Manta skims a wing through a turquoise pool.
    SeaWorld Orlando, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment 

  • Don’t look down! The terrifying jump from the peak of Mt Gushmore is a cool 55ft drop - it’s Disney’s tallest, fastest free-fall speed slide. Steel yourself to make the leap from the mountain’s ski jump tower for a splash landing at its base.
    Blizzard Beach, Walt Disney World Resort

  • Unleash the green beast! You’ll be scared from the off on this favourite Orlando ride as you’re fired from a 150ft catapult reaching 40mph in just two seconds. The going is fast and furious as the powerful roller coaster throws its victims through a frenzy of flips and turns, the G-force pinning you to your seat.
    Islands of Adventure, Universal Orlando Resort 

  • Hold on tight to that rubber ring.  An exhilarating time awaits at this ride inspired by extreme sports, with half-pipes usually performed by skateboarders and snowboarders all part of the action. Corkscrew in your cossie down the octopus of chutes and funnels to the final grand splashdown. 
    Aquatica – SeaWorld’s Waterpark, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment 

  • Strap yourself to one of the “enchanted benches” for this flight through Hogwarts that will delight Potter’s not-so-secret army of adult fans. It’s a ride that includes a close encounter with a flying dragon, a journey through the forbidden forest, and a chance to join in a quidditch match - all courtesy of fantastic film effects and sets.
    Islands of Adventure, Universal Orlando Resort