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The wonders of product placement
  • Widely credited with starting the modern wave of product placement. ET is shown croaking the name of the peanut butter and chocolate sweet as he munches along a trail of the sweets left by little Elliot. Sales rose 65% giving makers Hershey's – them again – a pretty sweet return.

  • The largest corporate product placement deal in history came in the 18th Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies. Deals with eight major sponsors including Visa, Ericsson, BMW and Smirnoff, raised over $100m. Bond is also responsible for possibly the most gratuitous piece of product-placement dialogue. In Casino Royale, love interest Vespa Lynd looks at a watch Bond is wearing and says: "Beautiful watch. Rolex?" Bond replies: "No, Omega."

  • That dialogue has nothing on the scene in which the character played by Will Smith gives his grandmother a full brand description when explaining his fascination with the footwear. Another entire scene is devoted to Smith carefully opening a shoebox containing Converse trainers.

  • In 1985 the cola wars were in full, er, flow. When Marty McFly goes into the 1955 café he orders a Pespi Free, the brand's diet drink. The soda jerk responds that if he wants a Pepsi he's going to have to pay for it. How we laughed.

  • Clever and funny is a difficult combination to pull off, but one classic scene managed to. Wayne and Garth are trying to resist the terms of their corporate sponsorship and in one scene Wayne says: "Contract or no, I will not bow to any sponsor." As he does so, he opens a giant Pizza Hut box, slowly takes out a slice and holds it beside his face while looking directly at the camera. A classic moment.