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The ten best value city break destinations
  • In a survey of popular city break destinations, by Caxton FX, Berlin was named as the tenth most affordable.

    The researchers looked at a number of common holiday expenses, and Berlin scored particularly well on the price of a glass of wine and a Big Mac.

  • Nobody who has ever visited Paris would ever expect to see it on a list of affordable destinations, but the falling value of the euro, has brought prices down across the board - putting the city in eighth place.

    None of the expenses assessed by the researchers were strikingly cheap - except the cost of a taxi ride.

  • You could be forgiven for being bemused by the presence of such an expensive city on the list, but there's one good reason for it.

    Despite coming out among the priciest destinations for everything else, the researchers also included the typical cost of a visit to a world-class museum. In London's case, this is free - gaining it a place in the top ten.

  • This is another destination where the falling euro has made a visit far more affordable recently.

    Relatively cheap alcohol and museums were largely responsible for its strong showing at number seven on the list.

  • It's not just the home of bureaucracy and beer, Brussels is also a cultural centre with bargain museum entrance fees, and cheap local transport.
  • The fall in the value of the euro has made Dublin excellent value for visitors. Relatively affordable food and drink - and a free national museum, put the city in fifth place overall.

    It's also by far the closest of the top five most affordable destinations - putting it within reach for even those on the tightest budgets.

  • Prague has always had a reputation for affordability - which is one of the reasons why it's so popular with stag weekends.

    The booming tourist industry has put prices up a little, but it still holds onto fourth place. The researchers were particularly struck by the affordability of a glass of wine in the city.

  • The Moroccan city is incredibly cheap for all sorts of travellers' essentials. So, for example, a daily travel card will set you back little more than 30p.

    In fact the only area where the city scored poorly was in the cost of a glass of wine - where it was the second most expensive of the top ten (after London).

  • The Hungarian capital has so much to offer - from the architecture and history to the nightlife - that the affordability of the city can come as a surprise.

    The researchers found that all of their typical travellers' costs were affordable in Budapest.

  • The cheapest destination of all was Instanbul. Here researchers found that a glass of wine will set you back £2.08, a day’s travel card £3.90, a Big Mac £2.66, a 30 minute taxi ride £11.18, and the national museum is free. In total it put the cost of a day's entertainment at a bargain £19.82.