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Tech the halls!
  • Santa is unlikely to leave a set of Sennheiser Orpheus in anyone’s stockings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have perfectly decent headphones in there. The cheapest one (that isn’t useless) is the Panasonic RP-HJE125E-K Ergo fit-in-earphone at £6.75. Perfectly decent sound, 3-size ear pads for comfortable fit, bargain. If you want to spend a few more pennies for a good quality headband model, the Sony MDR-ZX310 foldable headphone is lightweight, powerful enough and yours for just £15. And for those aching for headphones that are seasonal, try the SBS Winter Stereo Headphones with earmuffs included for the same price.
  • The power bank doesn’t come more compact or sleeker than the CHJGD Powerstick, a lipstick-sized beauty that comes in four fun designs (including Gin & Tonic and Rubik’s Cube) and is compatible with most smartphones and tablets (£12.99). For something more powerful and faster, the Anker PowerCore Speed 10000 (£20) gives at least three charges at high-speed on pretty much any device. Finally, for the sci-fi partner or friend, the Star Wars Power Bank (£20) is a force with which to be reckoned.
  • For an LCD eWriter that slips neatly into a purse, pocket or stocking, you can���t get better value than the Boogie Board, the cheapest model starting out at just £14.99. Basic, and as easy to use as putting pen to paper. If the writer and doodler in your life deserves something a bit more solid and hi-tech, the Improv Boogie Board (£49.95) is the one to get.

  • As wirelessly-streamed audio from your devices that last long enough and sound good enough go, the JBL range is the best value, with the Go Ultra Portable available at just £19.99. The best bargain is the ultra-portable, water-resistant Oontz Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, which retails at £99.99 but is going for £27.99, and offers high quality crystal clear sound with a battery life of up to 12 hours. And for the geek in your life, this Spider-Man Bluetooth Speaker at £25 should come with a 'too cute' warning.

  • Now perfectly affordable (which unsurprisingly means some are perfectly terrible), one of the best under £20 activity trackers is the Antimi Smartwatch (£18.99), featuring features such as pedometer, camera remote control and sleep monitor. For those who simply have to have a Fitbit, the FitBit Flex 2 with LED screen, auto-tracking and five-day charge can be yours for as little as £54.99.

  • The idea of putting a phone in a stocking might sound the stuff of Rockefellers, but not when they’re as affordable (yet still mega swish) as the Vodafone Smart First 7, at only £15. If you have more in the budget to spare, the Smart E8 (£49.99), with 4G connectivity, long life battery, front and back cameras and a big, bright screen means someone’s going to love Santa just that little bit more this Christmas.