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Ten hotels for Star Wars fans
  • Each of the 12 floors of Silken Puerta América plays host to different room concepts. Star Wars fans should head directly to the first floor, where the “Space Club” rooms designed by Zaha Hadid can be found. Unusual shapes and fluid lines create an unearthly atmosphere perfect for any Sci-Fi fan. Other unique hotel features include a futuristic swimming pool and a rooftop bar with a retractable roof system. Rooms available from £75. 
  • Futuristic in both design and technology, the NH Collection Madrid Eurobulding boasts a huge, curved and seemingly never-ending LED screen in the lobby – the largest of its kind in Europe. Guests are able to charge their mobile devices wirelessly and speak to reception via video supported-tablets from their rooms. All rooms boast ultra-contemporary décor and technology which is light years ahead. Rooms available from £84. 
  • Instead of check-in staff at Yotel New York City, the hotel has the world’s first robotic concierge, a one-armed luggage robot named Yobot. With ‘cabins’ instead of hotel rooms, ‘Misson Control’ instead of concierge services, and a distinctly spaceship-themed décor of white furniture and purple lights, Yotel is perfect for Sci-Fi lovers. Rooms available from £96. 
  • Located in the Bárdenas Reales National Park, Aire de Bardenas is in the perfect location to enjoy views of the unpolluted night sky. Their stargazing pods enable guests to do so from the comfort of their hotel beds. Amenities include 24-hour room service, speedy Wi-Fi, flat screen TVs, and a range of indoor and outdoor bathtubs. Rooms available from £128.

  • Creating the Icehotel is something of an art form; each year, ice from the frozen Torne River must be extracted and stored in a large warehouse with sub-zero temperatures. Then, artists from all over the world arrive and showcase their work in 19 individually-designed suites. Since the hotel melts each spring, no two years are the same.Sleeping in a room with no windows, constructed entirely from ice and snow is a unique, other-worldly experience. Rooms available from £196. 

  • Aspiring astronauts should head straight to the Space Suite on the fifth floor at the Kameha Grand, designed by Michael Najjar in an attempt to recreate outer Space. Minute attention to detail is key here, with a carpet printed with high res images from the Hubble Space Telescope, a floating “zero gravity” bed, imitation rocket spotlights and artwork of astronauts and galaxies adorning the walls. Rooms available from £107. 
  • While creating treehouse-style rooms entirely in harmony with their surroundings, the architects of Treehotel decided to develop one creation from a completely different environment. Enter the UFO: a spaceship suspended five metres above the ground in one of the northernmost locations in Sweden, just 50 kilometres from the Arctic Circle. Rooms available from £314. 
  • The Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel captures futuristic design perfectly, with not one hotel employee in sight; instead, guests are greeted and served by robots. The hotel has a space-theme reflected in every aspect of its interior design, from the blue and purple interior lights to the “sleeping pods”, complete with a control panel to activate the flat screen television and other room features. Rooms available from £8. 
  • Situated in Singapore’s Little India, Wanderlust describes itself as an enclave for adventurers. The boutique hotel is a amalgamation of different design agencies who created a hotel where no two rooms are the same. Star Wars fanatics should head to ‘Space’ themed loft rooms on the top floor of the building. These multi-level rooms feature friendly space creatures and walls and ceiling designed to recreate the Milky Way. Rooms available from £72. 
  • The 812-room Bella Sky hotel is one of the largest in Scandinavia. The two towers tilt away from each other, while the interior is filled with original Nordic design furniture. Guests should head to the rooftop Sky Bar for views over the Copenhagen skyline, where hanging chairs and impressive light installations might make guests feel like they are floating above the earth. Rooms available from £84.