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Saucy seaside postcards
  • This comic postcard by Tom Browne dates back to the 1900s. 

  • One of many naughty postcards by Donald McGill, which were banned in 1954 and went on show over 50 years later in an exhibition dedicated to banned postcards. McGill was dubbed the King of the Seaside Postcard and his naughty classics from 1904 to 1962 featured overweight old ladies, honeymoon couples and drunken middle-aged men.

  • A humorous postcard from around 1930 by Donald McGill.

  • McGill's suggestive postcards were labelled 'obscene' and were part of a mass clean-up at seaside resorts before they were recently displayed at the Donald McGill postcard museum in the Isle of Wight.

  • One of the beach postcards banned in the 1950s. Looks like he's having a whale of a time!

  • Donald McGill used many middle-aged men and beautiful women as the subjects in his humorous designs.