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Homeowner fight with council after rockfall destroys home
  • Chris Paraskeva, whose house (middle) was badly damaged when a section of the cliff behind buildings in White Rock in Hastings, East Sussex, collapsed, is in dispute with his local council after it asked him to look at arranging to stabilise the crumbling cliffs near his property.
  • Hastings Borough Council has written Paraskeva expressing concern about potentially more rockfalls at the back of his two-bed, Grade-II listed property which was badly damaged by the collapse.
  • In the letter, the council denied it was responsible for the cliff and asked him to urgently instruct engineers to assess its stability and, if necessary, commission remedial works.

  • Chris was forced to abandon his home due to the damage caused by the storms. 
  • A section of the cliff the behind buildings in White Rock in Hastings, East Sussex, collapsed earlier this month, trapping a 96-year-old man inside a shop.
  • Mr Paraskeva said the council's request is at odds with Prime Minister David Cameron's assurances that help would be on hand for people affected by the storms.

  • And he disputed the local authority's claims that he has some responsibility for the cliff, insisting that Land Registry records show the rear boundary of his property ends at the cliff's base.