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Hi-tech hotels
  • This 39-bedroom hotel in Belgravia has pulled out all the stops to deliver the most advanced facilities for its geek chic guests, making it one of London’s most cutting-edge hotels. The rooms come with 46-inch Plasma TVs with 3D, HD Movie and 3D channels, 3D Blu-ray DVD players and super-fast WiFi. Gadget fans will love the finger-tip control pads for the lights, curtains, TV, soundtrack and even electronic wake-up and bedtime settings. Each room also has an iPad2 for you to use for room service and spa bookings. The marble bathrooms have smart-glass walls that turn opaque at the touch of a button and a heated, steam-proof mirror that you can watch TV from! When you finally want a rest from all the in-room activity, the electronically adjustable beds offer relaxation with massage programmes. Visit ecclestonsquarehotel.com

  • This innovative urban hotel offers groundbreaking room electronics including a Nokia My Mobile system that lets you pick up calls to your room as you roam around Hong Kong, Bose iPod docking stations and 40-inch LCD TVs. With the My Mira concierge service you can get lost outside the hotel as the staff will help you find your way or solve any other problem you throw at them with just the touch of a button. Mood enhancing colour themes in your room, an Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair and tropical rain showers in the bathrooms also give you an A-list experience at the hotel. Visit themirahotel.com

  • The beautiful Grace Mykonos Hotel in Greece is at your service before you’ve even checked in with its Saving Grace packing iPhone app. The app works as a checklist and reminder tool with pre-set lists for different holiday types, so whether you’re going on a cycling holiday or a summer beach break it can build a ‘what to pack’ list for you. You can also personalise the lists by deleting pre-set items and adding your own, and it makes packing easier by showing how many items you’ve already packed and how many you have left. It also features a readymade list of important things to do before you travel, like emptying the fridge, travel insurance and changing money. The hotel's Bespoke by Grace service is also one that technology fans will love as it allows you to add as many cool features to your hotel stay as you wish, so you can opt to have a mobile phone waiting for you with all the numbers of local restaurants and attractions and even select the fragrance of your room! Visit mykonosgrace.com

  • At The Weinmeister it’s all about luxury and technology with guests having Apple iMacs in their rooms instead of televisions and iPads being available for hire to keep connected with social networking sites, music and games during their stay. A hotel perfect for deign and creative types, you’ll find graffiti art adorning the walls of the lift for a fun, visually entertaining experience, lampshades inspired by airbags in the bedrooms and a rooftop spa where you can enjoy a massage overlooking the city. Visit the-weinmeister.com

  • The Polish city of Poznan’s electronic art hotel Blow Up Hall 5050 is the epitome of modern luxury and the perfect place for lovers of technology. Its super hi-tech facilities include iPhones that work as a room keys and ways of communicating with the staff, LCD Bang & Olufsen TVs and iPhone docking stations in the rooms. One of its coolest features is that the rooms aren’t numbered so you find your room with the iPhone and small screens in the corridors where a welcome sign appears to show you exactly where your room is! Visit blowuphall5050.com

  • Got too many books taking up space in your luggage? This holiday village in Turkey has your problem covered as they offer complimentary use of an e-reader so you can leave those bulky books at home. What’s more, it comes pre-loaded with some UK bestsellers so it finds the perfect holiday reads for you! The Reeder has special e-ink screens that won’t strain your eyes and it's easy to read in bright sunshine so you can relax with it on the resort’s adult-only Serenity Beach. Hillside Beach Club is also up on its social networking facilities, allowing guests to make reservations on Facebook! Visit hillsidebeachclub.com

  • Each room is equipped with an iMac, a microwave and free movies on demand at this chic Parisian boutique hotel. The iMac allows you to watch TV, listen to the radio and play CDs and DVDs, as well as surf the internet. Mama Shelter's events room has a pool table, large flat screen TVs and a Bose sound system – perfect for spending a night in at the hotel. When it comes to checking out, you don’t have to wait around as there are automated machines for you to check out quickly. Visit mamashelter.com

  • This hotel is as obsessed about Facebook as anyone, being the first ever to launch a sharing initiative of the social media site. Guests are given a slim wristband synchronised to their Facebook profiles to check in, take photos and post a status letting friends know where they're positioned in the hotel simply by swiping the wristband across sensors. Plus, swiping in different locations will post various messages on your Facebook wall, like ‘Hanging out at the Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel...Jealous?’ The hotel's modern rooms offer LED lights to match your mood, 42-inch flat screen TVs, blackout curtains and built-in aromatherapy fragrances. Even one of the swimming pools has the latest technology with LED lights and underwater speakers that play classical music for you to relax. If you fancy yourself as a DJ, check into the sound-proof Pioneer Suite for its Pioneer turntables and mixer, amplifier and eight speakers for you to host your own private party. Visit ushuaiabeachhotel.com

  • Game fans will love this hotel’s guest-only media lounge, which features RockBand, Guitar Hero and Wii games, as well as music and internet facilities free of charge - so you can leave your console at home. Check in to the Chairman Suite for its computer-controlled lighting, temperature and media features. Microsoft was involved in creating the meeting space at Sax, so expect cutting-edge technology for the communications, lighting and sound facilities. Visit thompsonhotels.com

  • Yotel’s first hotel outside airport locations opened this year in New York and introduced the world’s first luggage robot. The Yobot is a fun way of storing left luggage, which goes in the T-Tech by Tumi luggage lounge so your bags can be kept safe before check-in or after check-out for you to make the most of your visit. Checking in at the futuristic hotel is at an airline-style kiosk and the cabins come with motorised moving beds for saving space, a Technowall with TV and music services, as well as a monsoon shower and super strength WiFi. At the Dohyo Restaurant you can dine like the Japanese at tables that lower and rise, and the Club Lounge has separate cabins with flat screen televisions so you can have your own private party. Visit yotel.com