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Grand Designs home built for £400,000 goes on sale for £2.25m
  • Marcus Lee bought a plot of derelict wasteland in Hackney east London for a reported £70,000.

  • The architect then spent £330,000 transforming the plot into a luxury five-bedroom home. 

  • The property is now on the market for £2.25 million.

  • Prices in Hackney have shot up by 17 per cent in the last year and Mr Lee is now set to make sizeable profit. 

  • The glass for the windows cost £20,000 alone.

  • The contemporary property has won numerous design awards since its completion in 2007.

  • Among the awards was a Royal Institute of British Architecture award in 2009.

  • The five-bedroom home has a large open plan ground floor.

  • Mr Lee is selling the property so he can move on to his next project. 

  • The retro home is very bright an airy and benefits from a lot of natural light.

  • Mr Lee was also involved in the design of Heathrow's Terminal 1 and Terminal 5.

  • The eye-catching property has a timber frame design.

  • The house is located in an industrial cul-de-sac in Hackney.

  • The average price of a house in this area is £50,000.