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First drive: Kia Ray EV
  • Kia Ray EV used as part of a car sharing scheme in Seoul 
  • The Ray is not, and will never be, available in the UK
  • This car is pioneering the technology that will appear in the Soul EV that’ll arrive in the UK in the winter of 2014. 

  • Hidden in the floor pan is a battery pack that’s coupled to an electric motor situated in the more traditional location under the bonnet. 

  • The Soul EV will have a range of 125 miles, can be fully charged in five hours or topped up in just 25 minutes with a fast charger. Top speed is 90mph and it will hit 60mph in around 14 seconds.

  • If the Ray EV is anything to go by, the Soul promises a lot.

  • On clogged streets in South Korea’s capital, we found the brisk, smooth acceleration of the battery powered model a boon. The silent running makes for a relaxing drive and the added weight from the batteries was hard to spot.

  • We’re impressed with Kia’s first entry into the EV market – and it helps it comes in the funky Ray body shape.

  • The Kia Soul EV is likely to have Kia’s top spec too with a clever sat nav system that will point out recharging locations and range, just like our Ray EV test car did.
  • Kia did tell us the Soul will come with heated and cooling front and rear seats and a heated steering wheel