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Fictional Chancellors
  • One of the UK's favourite characters, this legend made his name in ensuring the equal distribution of wealth.

  • A formidable character but one that would be taken seriously on the world or even galactic stage. A man who could take down any adversary single-handedly.

  • Pictured: The desk used by Charles Dickens to write Great Expectations

    A man with an eye on managing any unnecessary financial excesses would be a promising candidate for Chancellor, keeping the City in check and making sure taxes were just.

  • As the BRIC economies take centre stage, a Chancellor with an understanding of foreign financial markets is essential. Fogg's experience in this area is second to none and his adventurous spirit is likely to curry favour with the voters.

  • Everyone loves a bad boy, but this once hell raising playboy has nurtured his sense of justice and through stealth, he will keep the City in check.

  • Incredible attention to detail, unlikely to waiver in the face of public opinion and a very strong sense of justice, Salander is a wild card but nonetheless a worthy contender.