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Europe's prettiest cities
  • Riga, the capital of Latvia is the 2014 European Capital of Culture. The pulsating city is home to Europe's largest collection of Art Nouveau buildings.
  • Surrounded by the breathtaking hills and fjords of Norway, the brightly colored timber houses of Bergen surround the boat-filled Vågen Harbour at its center.
  • After hosting two Winter Olympics, Innsbruck has become one of the largest ski resorts in the Alps. Summer or winter, the city enjoys the natural backdrop of the snow-capped Nordkette Alps, made especially beautiful with the medievalAltstadt, or Old Town, in the foreground.
  • Dubrovnik is one of Europe's most beautiful and majestic walled cities. The city's 14th century ramparts hug the Mediterranean coast, and within the walls is a sea of reddish orange-tiled roofs, bleached by more than 250 days of sunshine annually.
  • In Chester, Roman walls surround a charming collection of Tudor and Victorian buildings and a delightful shopping district filled with half-timbered shops reminiscent of a Grimm tale.
  • Prague, gives Paris a run for its money when it comes to beauty and romance. Centuries-old stone bridges spanning the slow Vltava River, cobbled lanes and busy public squares, all in the shadows of Romanesque, Gothic and Art Nouveau spires make Prague one of Europe's most popular capitals.
  • Straddling the Danube River in Hungary, Budapest is dotted with grand palaces, baroque monuments and Gothic cathedrals, a few Art Nouveau and neoclassical structures thrown in for good measure. Visitors come from all over Europe and the world to soak in the city's 123 thermal springs, many housed within exquisite works of architectural art.
  • The natural beauty of the Greek Islands reaches its crescendo on the island of Santorini, thanks in part to the quintessentially Greek blue and white color palate of the buildings and churches that cascade down the outside of a volcanic caldera toward the azure waters of the Aegean Sea. If the beauty of the city itself weren't enough, the beaches here are postcard-perfect. The village of Oia, Santorini is famous for its sunsets.
  • The beauty of Venice is both timeless and world renowned. This former European trade port -- built entirely on the water -- appears almost dreamlike with its pastel buildings, stone palaces and gondola-filled canals. 
  • As one of the world's best preserved medieval cities, Bruges is brimming with cobbled lanes, ancient canals, baroque and Gothic buildings and monuments.