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Cosy studio properties
  • This studio in Sydenham has been cleverly designed to make the most of the space. By fitting a spiral staircase between the sink and the washing machine, the flat can be on two floors, keeping the sleeping and living areas separate, without wasting space with hallways.
  • There's not much excess space in the sleeping area, but by being conservative on space, the rent comes in at just £625 a month.
  • This newly refurbished studio costs just £650 a month, fully-furnished. There's clearly space for both a wardrobe and a bed, and the agent points out that it's likely to suit a single working professional.
  • There's no separate oven, but by adding some shelving, there's room for a fridge a hot-plate and a microwave, which could serve someone well if they're after a crash-pad.
  • Desirable and leafy Harrow also has its share of affordable property, if you are prepared to be flexible on space. This property, for example, costs just £665 a month.
  • There's room in this well-maintained property for a double bed and a dining table. Given the fact it has just seen a price cut, it could be an affordable option.
  • The clever use of space in this flat includes a pull-down ladder, which enables a bed to be included on a sleeping platform, so not an inch is wasted. It means the sellers can price this Clapton flat keenly at £235,000.
  • The other side of the living space offers room to relax, for the busy professional.
  • You can even afford to buy in a highly desirable part of West London for just £220,000, if you are prepared to think creatively about space. This flat in W2 offers a separate kitchen and bathroom for the money.
  • At 192 square feet, there isn't an awful lot of room to spare, but the owners have managed to find space for a washing machine, which is very handy.