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Britain's rainiest cities
  • It rains for an average of 170.3 days per year in Glasgow, making it Britain's rainiest city. 112cm of rain falls here very year.
  • It rains on 154.4 days per year in Huddersfield, with an average yearly rainfall of 102.84 cm of rain. While there is more rainfall in Preston and Cardiff, Huddersfield has more rainy days.
  • It rains on 153.2 days per year in Preston, with 103.36cm of rain.
  • Manchester sees an average of 151.7 rainy days a year, with 86.7cm of rain.
  • With 115.9cm of rain annually, Cardiff is the city with the highest amount of rainfall. It rains on 148.6 days per year on average.
  • With 148.8 days of rain per year, Carlisle sees an average of 87.21cm of rainfall.
  • It rains on 145.7 days per year on average in Rhyl, with 81.41cm of rainfall.
  • Gloucester has an average of 145.6 days of rain per year, with 83.34cm of rain.
  • Blackpool has an average annual rainfall of 88.27cm, and it rains on 145.5 days per year.

  • It rains on 144.3 days per year in Liverpool with 83.66cm of rain.