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Black Friday chaos
  • Employees try to control customers as they attempt to get the last remaining LED televisions during a Black Friday discount sale at an Asda supermarket, in Wembley, London.

    Black Friday has caught on in the UK and worldwide over the last few years as the rise of the Internet has made the event a global phenomenon, with customers always being just one click away from the deals offered by US retailers online.

  • Screen grabbed image taken from video by Nadina Azara Knight of the scene in a branch of Tesco
  • Bargain-hunters queue outside Nike Town on Oxford Street
  • A throng of shoppers at the Asda store in Wembley, London
  • Trolleys are piled high
  • One of many chaotic scenes across the country's supermarkets, this from Tesco
  • Shoppers queue outside a branch of Foot Locker on Oxford Street, London.
  • An Asda store, moments before opening