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AOL Car's New York Motor Show top 10
  • It’s a refreshed version of an American favourite. No, not the Big Mac – it’s the Toyota Highlander. With new LED lights, bumpers and a refreshed grille, the large SUV is certainly imposing. There’s no suggestion it’ll come to the UK, but we think it would make a rather compelling rival to the Honda CR-V and Hyundai Santa Fe.

  • Only 30 of these winged brutes are slated for production – and they’re all heading to the States. That’s a shame as it features a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine with 542bhp and 680Nm of torque that can hit 60mph in 3.9 seconds. Jaguar bosses hinted Brits may get the chance to buy one – but only if there’s significant demand.

  • We’re including it because it’s British – and because they had the cheek to call it a “new” model and issue a press release. The extent of “new” involves some curtains, duck down cushions and picnic tables. Oh, and wi-fi which owners won’t know what to do with. But we don’t really care – it’s a Bentley, and it looks the business.

  • Yes, this is a new Camaro. Really it is. We know it’s hard to believe but look closely and you can spot some slight revisions. However, the Z/28 really gets us going with a 7.0-litre V8, 500bhp and 637Nm. That makes it the most powerful normally aspirated engine GM has ever made. Britain says: We want one.

  • We’ve included this simply because the Americans just didn’t get it. Largely ignored on the stand, this landmark model showcases the departure from rear-wheel drive models for BMW, to some front-wheel drive too. The concept features a 1.5-litre three cylinder petrol unit and it’s mooted it could make production soon.

  • The TA bit isn’t anything to do with Army reservists, rather it refers to “Track Attack”, and that sounds good to us. The exclusive Viper has an 8.4-litre V10 engine with 640bhp and just 33 of them will be made – all presumably destined for a life of power-sliding into gravel traps on circuits across America.

  • We like this purple passion wagon – a lot. Not only does it serve up a seriously chunky slice of retro American cool, but it’s got some impressive shove under the bonnet too. The 6.4-litre V8 is the most powerful Challenger engine ever with 470bhp and 637Nm of torque. Spicy.

  • A popular car in the UK with grannies and youngsters alike, the Soul is Kia’s baby SUV and it’s been given a makeover for 2013. Inspired by the Track’ster concept, it’s now “more functional and funky”, so says Kia. Engines now offer more torque, noise levels have been reduced and the suspension retuned. It arrives early next year.

  • The undoubted star of the show, the all-new Range Rover Sport is a technical tour de force. Based on the Range Rover platform it now comes with the option of seven seats and is lighter and more agile than its predecessor. New tech includes wifi and a mobile app that tells owners where they parked it or how much fuel is in it. We want one.

  • The German firm may have only just released the BMW 3-Series rival, but it’s already giving it a steroid injection. The CLA 45 AMG features the same powerplant as the A45 revealed in Geneva. That means a 355bhp turbocharged 2.0-litre that’ll hit 60mph in 4.6 seconds. The four-wheel drive model goes on sale in October for £40k.