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2015 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest latest entries
  • South India serve the New Year's festival of Pongal. They like to makeup and dressing for livestocks including cows and goats. I met this colorful goat who standing at shabby pink wall. It pretty seems like an oil painting. 
  • Cuba is changing. There is no doubt about that. And change is usually for better right? American dollars will start flowing, the tourism industry will develop along with countless of othger great changes. The younger generation can not wait, I'm sure. But what about the older generation left behind?
  • This is taken at the volcanic beach at Stokksnes in south-eastern Iceland in February 2015. I used a 2-second exposure to capture the water trails as the waves receded over rocks at the edge of the beach, just as the sun was setting behind me, illuminating the mighty Vesturhorn mountain and some peaks in the far distance.
  • I waited all day in the kelp for this shot and after many failed attempts to catch the air time that these little guys were getting, this one finally got skyrocketed high enough. He or she proceeded to do an epic face plant, which I found was the standard style of penguin landing. They are the most entertaining creatures to photograph and kept a smile on my face throughout the course of my two-week excursion to the Falkland Islands. This photo was taken on Bleaker Island.
  • Igorots "mountain people" . Here a proud man stood before me dressed like his ancestors did  trying to keep their traditions alive.
  • On a trip photographing southern Chile, recently landed in Puerto Varas, I meet this strong show... Incredible, Amazing and terrifying in the same way. 
  • I took this photo while the football Brazilian team was playing for the world cup, the beaches and the streets were all deserted, everyone was watching the game, it was kind of surrealistic to see this usually crowded beach at sunset completely empty except this kid who was playing in the waves, maybe he couldn't have access to a tv or maybe he just didn't care, anyway he was really enjoying the beach for himself and so did I! 
  • I photographed the woman who finished shellfish fishing in the evening of the day of the flood tide.